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At an early stage, the child must learn how to sound out words correctly. No need to learn or memories the words, just need to learn the sound of those words. And with those sounds read more words. That is what phonics is all about. Some key features of our online phonics classes are:


The best after-school learning for your kid. Your youngster will gain from the best. You need not stress over the coordination of drive, pick and drop, security, and so on Moment question goal, one-on-one consideration, and the choice to choose a group of your kid’s comfort.

As a parent, you would need to realize how your kid is getting along. You gain admittance to a dashboard with all the constant information about your kid’s learning. You get a more proactive part; there are no curve balls.

You will gain from a youthful gathering of instructors who are handpicked by best teacher; probably the most splendid personalities in the country with demonstrated believability and energy for educating. They will assist you with learning for tests, however forever.

-Online face to face live classes.
-Interactive Whiteboard.
-Brainstorming discussions Live with students.
-Regular Notes and Worksheets in PDF/Word format.


Will the fee for regualr courses depends upon the number of days or number of subjects chosen or both?

Fee will be dependent on the number of days per week for which you choose the classes. You can choose all three subjects or lesser. Fee is independent of subjects you choose. Suggest you to choose at least a day per week for one subject.

What happens if my child is unable to join a session due to some unavoidable reasons?

It can happen. If it is with prior intimation, then our teachers will help the child cope up. If it is a group class then we can try to schedule the class missed according to availability in other batch. For one on one classes, replacement classes will be scheduled by the teacher.

What if he doesn't like the class after I enroll?

You can opt out any time, but the fee is not refundable. So, if you have doubt that your child may not enjoy learning the course, please decide accordingly. We do not prefer child opting out in-between.

How many students will be there in a batch?

A maximum of 6 students per batch. One on one classes are also available.

Will there be a certificate and when?

We will issue a participation certificate after your child attends all classes. We will also hold little champ competitions and award for the kids winning these competitions.

What if my child wants to take a break in between?

Yes, he or she can and can resume any time with the ongoing batch.

Can I discontinue any time? What is your refund policy?

We take monthly fee in advance. As this is non-refundable if you discontinue, you can discontinue after completion of the month.

What is the session duration?

It's 60 minutes each.

Will there be a demo?

Yes, Demo session will be there bassed on the availabilty of the concerned aubject teacher .

Will there be any tests and assessments?

Regular online tests and assessments will be there after which score will be shared to parents through email. Practice Worsheets are generally given on weekends so students get time to do them.

Will there be any Parent Teacher Meets for feedback?

Yes, we schedule regular PTMs so parents can be able to talk to teachers to clear any doubts and take feedback of their kids.

What if we have some more requirements and queries?

In case of more queries or in case you want to share more of your requirements, please fill the 'Tell me about your requirements' form. You can connect with us through message or call anytime.

How do we need to pay the Fee?

Once after registeration and demo class is done, if you wish to enroll your kid for the course, you need to pay one month fee in advance through our Fee Payment Page.

If my child misses, say, a weekday class, can I make him to the next weekend class?

We will seek permission from teacher. If the batch is not full, you can. But please minimise such incidences to maintain harmony.


Individuals mistake early learning with childcare or looking after children. Early learning is far beyond that. Early learning or early schooling are terms that are utilized to depict programs that give instruction to kids outside their own home before kindergarten.

We realize that youngsters are effectively adapting any place they are–at home, in early learning projects, and networks. Guardians are verifiably youngsters’ first and most significant instructors, however, small kids need significant acquiring freedoms to foster abilities.

Along with that, they need self-appreciation and establishment for learning all through life. Kids who participate in early learning programs foster an adoration for learning, and families advantage as well!

Kids who go to top-notch early learning programs foster abilities in:

Consolidating the extended periods of childcare focuses with the improved learning conditions of preschools and kindergartens, early learning habitats are great joined consideration and instructive choice for some advanced families.

With longer opening times, the capacity to acknowledge kids from birth through to five years of age, with qualified youth subject matter experts, (counting college qualified youth educators), early learning habitats offer the smartest possible solution.

 Another hidden advantage of numerous early learning habitats is that they are additionally co-situated with an accomplice school, which can assist with the change from early figuring out how to essential learning in one natural climate.

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