Introduction to Olympiad

More detail about Olympiad

What is Olympiad?

Olympiad tests or Olympiads are the methods for understudies to rival different understudies on a comparative instructive level. Such tests advance the mastering of abilities in subjects like math, science, PC innovation or English language among understudies. An Olympiad assists understudies with dissecting their qualities and shortcomings dependent on their presentation in the across the country or worldwide level assessment. These tests give a flat out appraisal of understudies’ information and spur them towards scholarly improvement. The taking part understudies are judged dependent on their logical thinking and sensible capacity.

Olympiad Classes

International Mathematical Olympiad

Math Olympiad examinations help students to improve their mathematical skills along with their analytical and problem-solving abilities.

International English Olympiad

English Olympiad examinations help students to improve their analytical, english language and problem-solving abilities.

National Science Olympiad

Olympiads are the stepping stones to achieve better results in the competitive world that lies ahead in the life of the child.

Why Olympiad is Important

Olympiad tests assess the calculated picking up, thinking, logical, and critical thinking abilities of an understudy since the beginning. Along these lines, the understudy gets prepared for the impending difficulties of the cutthroat world.

Some significance of Olympiad tests are given beneath:


Will the fee for regualr courses depends upon the number of days or number of subjects chosen or both?

Fee will be dependent on the number of days per week for which you choose the classes. You can choose all three subjects or lesser. Fee is independent of subjects you choose. Suggest you to choose at least a day per week for one subject.

What happens if my child is unable to join a session due to some unavoidable reasons?

It can happen. If it is with prior intimation, then our teachers will help the child cope up. If it is a group class then we can try to schedule the class missed according to availability in other batch. For one on one classes, replacement classes will be scheduled by the teacher.

What if he doesn't like the class after I enroll?

You can opt out any time, but the fee is not refundable. So, if you have doubt that your child may not enjoy learning the course, please decide accordingly. We do not prefer child opting out in-between.

How many students will be there in a batch?

A maximum of 6 students per batch. One on one classes are also available.

Will there be a certificate and when?

We will issue a participation certificate after your child attends all classes. We will also hold little champ competitions and award for the kids winning these competitions.

What if my child wants to take a break in between?

Yes, he or she can and can resume any time with the ongoing batch.

Will there be any tests and assessments?

Regular online tests and assessments will be there safter which score will be shared to parents through email. Practice Worsheets are generally given on weekends so students get time to do them.

Will there be any Parent Teacher Meets for feedback?

Yes, we schedule regular PTMs so parents can be able to talk to teachers to clear any doubts and take feedback of their kids.

What if we have some more requirements and queries?

In case of more queries or in case you want to share more of your requirements, please filee the 'Tell me about your requirements' form. You can connect with us through message or call anytime.

How do we need to pay the Fee?

Once after registeration and demo class is done, if you wish to enroll your kid for the course, you need to pay one month fee in advance through our Fee Payment Page.

If my child misses, say, a weekday class, can I make him to the next weekend class?

We will seek permission from teacher. If the batch is not full, you can. But please minimise such incidences to maintain harmony.

What is the session duration?

It's 60 minutes each.

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